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Top 5 Animated Love stories

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Yeah, in spite of being a full grown adult I still watch animation movies. I have an entire collection of them. But even as a kid I never believed in fairy tales. But I enjoyed every moment of every cartoon film that I have ever watched, because of their colourful presentations. From a very tender age, I am both inquisitive and sceptical about love. Animated love stories, in my childhood, were all sweet, charming and with happy endings, turmoil was missing. So Disney love stories, all beautiful princesses, and all those prince charming couldn’t make a child believe in them. My first love was Casper, (not actually that shadowy figure but when Casper turns into a boy), it gives me the essence of love blended with friendship. Even when I was a teenager I couldn’t believe that love is all about finding your prince charming and riding his horse and then live life Happily Ever After.

I grew up into a matured person (I Believe, others doesn’t) to understand the opposite side of the coin. But to my surprise my cartoons have grown up too, but their maturity doesn’t blend with complexity that’s what I love about them. Every good lesson, every moment is so easy to consume and enjoyable you don’t need to be a film critic every time to understand every aspect of a film. I love them, I cherish them, as many good lessons I have learnt from them.

Yeah, as a love loving soul I have some favourite cute face couples from these animation films. Followings are only five of them.

1. Let’s be Friend: Wall-E and EVEWall.E: A believable and touchy love story. This story doesn’t actually tell a lame tale, but it shows what love is, what love is all about. It actually shows us love, instead of telling us only about its existence, which my childhood fairy tales fail to show. Wall-E, this entire love story builds upon physical gesture and actions that show love. It also channelise the importance of friendship in every kind of relationship.

Without a single love word has ever said and still we believe they love each other.
Without a single love, word has ever said and still we believe they love each other.

2. I Want To Grow Old With You: Ellie and Carl-UP: My next favourite is Ellie and Carl from UP. Ellie and Carl’s love story starts with Ellie and Carl meet for the very first time. Ellie was a sassy girl who is outgoing whereas Carl is introvert. From elementary school to adulthood they stay inseparable and become a great companion of one another. They share every moment of happiness and sadness with each other. Their dreams are also same, and they nourish it through their entire life. And even after Ellie‘s death Carl set off just to fulfil the last and only wish of his beloved. This is a tale of togetherness; this is a tale that makes us believe true love doesn’t fade away with time. With them, their love grew old, but it didn’t die.Young Carl and Ellie

3. Hold My Hand While I Chase My Dreams: Rapunzel and Flynn Rider-Tangled: Yeah it’s a fairy tale, but love between this duo is actually a tale of acceptance, tale of craziness not only about love but it’s about chasing one’s dream. It is a tale of falling in love unknowingly but gradually. Eventually, the sweetness of love melts in their life; it doesn’t champion the fantasy of love at first sight. What I love about this film is its realistic approach to define love. 

You are my dream now: Flynn
You are my dream now: Flynn

4. Discover What your Heart Is Beating For: Shrek and Fiona- Shrek: Shrek and Fiona’s story is about how to find, what your heart want from this life. It shows us, it doesn’t count what people think about you, what does matter is what you do with your life, what you do to yourself. Maybe sometimes we feel all alone and alienated but there are always someone somewhere who is just like us and will hold our hand to make us believe that we are not alone. 

Love doesn’t want beauty, it wants compassion.
Love doesn’t want beauty, it wants compassion.

5. We Are Connected: Flint And SamCloudy With Chance Of Meatballs: Flint Lockwood and Sam Sparks in “Cloudy with a chance of meatballs” are two crazy individuals but both are very hopeful about their future, very eager to do something new. Flint is a scientist who’s every experiment turns into a disaster until his latest invention FLDSMDFR, and Sam is an intern weather reporter in a news television. They both are individual and different but at the core they both are same, this comes in front when Sam confesses to be a nerd too like Flint. They both made mistakes, one corrects the other, and both of them help each other. One hold the other at the time of need, like Flint help Sam to get her confidence back, and tell her, being a nerd is not a matter of shame. And Sam warns Flint not to trust the evil Chester V. This film isn’t a love story but it rightly portrays the modern love relationship, where both of the partners grow, both of them develop individually while holding each other’s hand.

Someday You will find someone Who accepts who you really are.
Someday You will find someone Who accepts who you really are.

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