In the 6th century BC, Greek thinker Heraclitus philosophized, “The only thing that is constant is change”. The things that are in a constant state of change is easily seen when we turn our attention to the progress of technology over the last few decades.

Science and technology has grown in leaps and bounds and has affected us greatly today; and will continue to do so for a foreseeable future. Gadgets that one could not even dream of some thirty years ago are now part and parcel of our life. Devices and technologies ranging from personal computers, to the internet, laptops, mobile phones, tablets, mp3 players and many more, are used daily by billions of people across the world. Internet access, which was earlier possible only on computer systems, is now something that we naturally associate with mobile phones.

Smartphones are very popular today and individuals, young and old are seen operating them with the utmost ease. The good news is that with the use of mobile phones, learning has become extremely convenient. The process of learning through study material through mobile devices such as mobiles and tablets is called M-learning. As it does not require classrooms, tangible books, or the physical proximity of teacher and student, M-learning can overcome barriers of location and time. M-learning makes education possible for anyone, anywhere, at any time.

For a nation grappling with constraints of time and convenience, M-learning comes as a boon. As a simple example, we may take the case of a person commuting to work in the morning. While his/her job may not leave one with time enough to study, M-learning makes it possible for the individual to learn what s/he likes, on the go. All one needs to do is pre-download or stream educational material on the smartphone, and be well on his way to learning something new, interesting and useful. Not only does this satiate one’s intellectual curiosity, but also allow individuals to perform better at their jobs.

M-learning provides everything one needs to excel in their field of study. You can download and view lecture videos or audio recordings, and learn from them at your own place and pace. Your questions and doubts are also handled easily and quickly by teachers and peers over the internet. M-learning is the road to a bright future for learners all across the world.

All across India, people will be able to learn program of their choice with the help of a simple app on Android smartphones. The possibilities are amazing and endless with M-learning!

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