Salman Khan’s Hit and Run trial: No Jail till Bombay High Court hears appeal

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So here is our Dabangg boy again manages to get a free-pass to enjoy his freedom till the Bombay High Court hears his appeal. In less than an hour after the verdict of 5 years rigorous imprisonment was sentenced by session court on Wednesday, Salman’s legal team managed to put an appeal to Bombay High court and secure a 2 day interim bail for him, on the ground that he hasn’t been given a copy of the conviction order by the sessions court. And today Bombay High court extended his bail. Bombay high court around 12.40 pm suspended the verdict given by session court on Wednesday. For some time let’s not think about him getting a regular bail from High Court, let’s think about isn’t it that we all have heard- justice delayed is justice denied? People among us who are inborn Salman hater will say it’s not the proper time for any insight. It’s time to support the PIL which states Salman is getting unfair privileges. And others who can even die to prove their loyalty for their ‘bhai’ will set social media on fire. salman tweet3 salman tweet2 salman tweetBut let me assure you I am not going to write about facts about this infamous hit and run case, as we know enough about that. But take a look around victims have forgiven Salman and don’t seek punishment for him. Fans were praying for some positive verdict. One of them even allegedly attempts suicide by consuming poison outside the Bombay High Court, rushed to the hospital.salman mad fan

The family wants their son’s freedom. All the newspaper has these human interest stories in which victims has given their interviews. And from all those stories a greater question mark is arising where was Salman’s being human attitude when he fled the accident spot and never ever offered any help to any of the victims? Well we all know about his aids which offers a lot of help to a lot of people will talk about that on another post, but for now a crash course will be enough to awaken our short lived memory about an incident which happened 13 years ago. On the night of September 28, 2002 Salman rammed into a bakery in suburban Bandra, killing one, injuring four other, who were sleeping on the pavement.

According to witnesses he got out of his car twice, then when others were busy rescuing victims, he fled from the scene.

Initially, he was booked under section 304A.

Then the charge upgraded to 304-II on October 1, 2002.

Got arrested on October 7 and got bail on October 24.

On December 27, 2012 Salman Khan was summoned by the court for the trial he didn’t turn up. A petition that sought an exemption was accepted by the court.

On Wednesday 6th May 2015, Session Court sentenced him with 5 years rigorous imprisonment.

The legal team of Salman Khan managed to get an Interim bail for two days.

Then today The Bombay High Court suspended the five-year jail term sentenced by the sessions court. The High Court says “First he has to go to trial court to execute fresh bail bond as his interim bail is ending today”

So these were all the important facts in a nutshell. Killing a person, ended up with a verdict of 5 years’ imprisonment and then a relief for the actor comes in a form of regular bail granted by the High Court. I am not questioning our judicial system, nor all the fans out there who are claiming that the 5 years term given by the Session Court was a harsh verdict for the modern day Robin Hood, Salman Khan, but wait and think guys, was it so. Common you people that person killed somebody and injured other four, tried to buy witnesses (although didn’t offer a single penny to the victim’s families), doesn’t he deserve punishment?salman In what sense it was harsh? More than anything these celebrities are persons who have great influences on today’s youth. So if they get away with any sort of criminal offense then what is the picture about our judiciary or legal system will come forth? We should remember devil himself was a fallen angel. So there can be different shades of one’s personality. So once it’s done, we can’t vanish the fact simply because it’s about a person whom we idealize.salman2 Doing good to others’ lives can not dissolve the memory of a killing, simply isn’t enough to forgive a person who killed.

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