The quintessential aam aadmi representing mango people became 7th chief minister of Delhi. The media is flooding with many interesting unknown facts about him. But lets on a lighter note discuss the funny facts about the common man of Delhi.

Weather Forecaster

Kejriwal predicts weather better than any forecasting department. As soon as he wraps the muffler around his head, winters are officially declared. This has given a big relief to the weather department from their hectic schedule. No doubt he is known as the muffler manPhotoGrid_1424276555225

Blue is the new Black

Yup… Even the CM has a favourite colour. Blue is his all-time favourite. Such is his dedication that he even wore his signature blue sweater and grey pants to his swearing ceremony. Even his cute little fan base wore the same attire.46240399

Film Lover

Not many of his fans know that unlike other politicians, Kejriwal is a movie buff. He appreciates Amir Khan work and love to watch comedy movies. But as in now he doesn’t get much time to full fill his


Seriously if you google honesty in Hindi, it will say did you mean Kejriwal. This man has crossed all levels of honesty.image024

Promise Breaker

He has broken the hearts of all Wi-Fi lovers. Only 30 minutes of free Wi-Fi will be given to Delhi people per day. 2-minute silence for those who voted him for free Wi-Fi.PhotoGrid_1424368844634

Muft!!! Muft!!!! Muft!!!!

Kejriwal is so deeply rooted that he gets the basic psychology of Indians. We Indians love free shit. And he cached this sign very well and made this main point in his election campaigns. Free electricity, free water, free food, free Wi-Fi.. Everything free.PhotoGrid_1424368472630

Muffler Seller

Declare mufflers as the national cloth. Kejriwal is taking this trend to a whole new level. He has even signed a deal with Flipkart to sell different varieties of mufflers. One of the kinds is “antique”. The antique muffler which Kejriwal has worn during his coughing days will be available for his fans…. Ewww!!!PhotoGrid_1424278825807

The Dharna CM

Our CM is always ready to sit on a dharna. Is that the reason he has taken no department under his charge?Arvind Kejriwal on dharna-779617

New Image

He doesn’t shy away from changing his image. Our cm has changed his whole outlook. He had made a great progress by coming to jacket instead of a

No matter what we all love him and we hope he makes our Delhi a better place. Cheers to our #Kejru

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