BSNL is a grandpa in telecom sector of India. Having its network reach to all the corners of the nation, untouched villages, BSNL used to rule the market.

But during UPA regime, it saw a deep fall. 2G licenses were given to private companies at throwaway prices, BSNL was ignored, not much infrastructure, not much advertisement, all so that private companies can earn the profit.

Recently BSNL did announce some good schemes like free calls from the landline on Sunday but as cities are becoming larger and larger, people still have to wait for long to get a new connection.

BSNL can also provide all which Reliance Jio is offering, maybe more because BSNL doesn’t have to invest more than private companies (given the number of the existing network across the country).

We hope BSNL will also reach to every citizen of this nation. Only then the dream of Digital India will be fulfilled in real terms.


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