Are you ready to date the most intimidating women of Game Of Thrones?

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It’s a no-brainer that men around the world are captivated by the women of Westeros. But hold on, these women are an epitome of beauty with brains. The show projects these women in a spectacular way, which will leave you spell bound and mesmerised. And you will try to be your most charming self to make them yours. But let’s see if you have what it takes to be their man.

Presenting the 10 most hardcore women of GOT.

1. Daenerys Targaryen

I will take what is mine with fire and blood”

She is the most spectacular thing on the show. She has the perfect combination of vengeance and sympathy. Above all, she is the mother of three dragons.1

TIP-Don’t even bother if you can’t handle her three dragons

2. Cersie Lannister

“When you play game of thrones, you win or you die”

Vicious is still the nicest word to describe her. The list of her sins is endless. One thing we know she can do anything for her children literally anything. And she gets what she wants by breaking all the moral codes. Give her the wine and she will kill you with her one liners.2

TIP-Don’t get offended by her killer one- liners which she will use too often. And don’t mind the illicit relationship with her brother.

3. Arya Stark

“… Anyone can be killed”

Often mistaken as a boy Arya the youngest daughter of Ned Stark has practically seen all. She is independent and fearless sword fighter. Her cunning and loyal nature helps her all the way through her journey.3

TIP-Be nice to her or else she will add your name to her prayer

4. Brienne of Tarth

“I am no lady”

The most ass-kicking lady on the show can prove to be a nightmare for every man. Her features are very unfeminine and unattractive. But she can save your ass any day.4

TIP- So if you are into tall, masculine and flat chested woman then she is just the one.

5. Ygritte

“You know nothing, Jon Snow”

This red haired gal is one passionate wildling. She is strong willed and witty at the same time. You cannot move her from her beliefs. She is the untamed one.5

TIP- Don’t even try to prove that she is wrong. She won’t hesitate to kill you with her bow and arrow

6. Osha

“Everything you are annoys me”

The wildling from the north, Osha is tall and strongly built. She knows how to save herself in the toughest situations. That’s why she is still surviving despite being a wildling.6

TIP- To date a wildling, you must know the wildling ways to please her.

7. Melissande

“For the night is dark and full of terrors”

Melissande is a mysterious woman of great beauty. She is the devotee of the lord of light and practises black magic. And she can even give birth to shadow babies7

TIP-If giving birth to shadow babies is your thing.

8. Margarey Tyrell

“My husband is my king and my king is my husband”

This girl knows politics very well. She is exceptionally intelligent and shrewd women. Her manipulative smile helps her out in the most bizarre situations.8

TIP-You just have to be king of some kingdom. But wait this is not the end, You should know how to not get killed after marrying her

9. Shae

“Or I will carve your eyes from your head”

She is the street smart gal who can make things fall in her own way. She has the power and tactics to woo any men by her beauty. She is an enthusiastic and possessive lover.9

TIP-Be loyal to her otherwise she will betray you hard.

10. Sansa Stark

“There are no heroes… in life, the monsters win.”

She is the traditional one and a proper lady. But don’t take her feminism as weakness. The unfolding abusive events didn’t weaken her. She has come out to be strong and more determines. She has learnt how to play the game.10

TIP-You have got to be a die-hard romantic to woo her. She can also be a bit annoying.

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