12 Essential qualities a woman looks in a man

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There is no such notion as a “perfect” man, but who said you can’t be perfect for your woman. Most women won’t admit, but they have a secret list in their heads as to how their prince charming should be.

There are amazing guys out there who just need a little bit of help, so ladies we shouldn’t be so hard on them. Here are a few qualities that women consider before choosing a man to be with her.

1. Dressing sense

This is the first thing that a woman notices in a man. Your clothes, shoes, and accessories say all about you. Your clothing reflects your personality and attitude. One should dress in such a way that he or she feels confident.


2. Confidence

That is probably the most important quality that all women look forward to in a man. Confidence is a sign of classic attractive attributes of men.


3. Honesty

It somehow lies on the top of the list and is important for women. It does not just mean honest in the relationship, but also honesty in all aspects of life.


If you are honest with women, you get a straight entry to her heart and gain trust very easily.


4. Sense of humor

It is correctly said “If you can keep her laughing, everything will go your way”. Humor has the ability to lighten a mood! Women like men who can make them laugh, after all, the stress that they go through. You need not be Russell Peters, but you surely should have a funny bone inside you.

sense of humor

5. Hygiene

Everybody likes clean fingernails, shaved look, well-combed hair and a nice odor.

hygiene 1

It is important for men to leave a spotless impression, because women doubt that behind an unkempt appearance there is a person who will take no efforts in life, neither in the relationship with her nor in the accomplishment of his goals.

hygiene 2

6. Faithful

Reassure her that you won’t go anywhere; It would mean the world to her. Once a man is unfaithful to her woman, he won’t be respected ever again.


Men think that by being unfaithful they portray themselves as “cool” but instead they depict themselves as bad ass.

7. Intelligence

Intelligence is a big tunnel to her heart only if it is used in the right way.


8. Attentiveness

Women are commonly known as “attention seekers”, they love it when their man gives them attention. They are on the top of the world when he starts noticing the slightest things in his woman.

attentiveness (2)

A woman doesn’t wear that sexy outfit by chance or has her hair made up by coincidence. Women are attracted to men who notice all these tiny details.


9. Romantic

Most guys think it’s obvious, but here’s the actual fact: Romance is significant for creating attraction in a way that goes way past the “prince on a white horse” fantasy.


10. Reliable

Most of the women like men who make commitments and follows through. You have to be reliable if you want your relationship to be long term. If you’ve promised her a movie at 8, be on time and make her feel she can depend on you.


11. The way he expresses himself

If you are familiar with your partner’s feelings then it shows your respect, care, and love. You should know how to handle her emotions, upsets, and excitement etc. You should convey your feelings to her. Getting a man you love to express himself is not an easy task. His lack of expression might make you feel neglected or rejected, but it is not the case always as men tend to bottle up their feelings.


Last but not the least

12. Looks

Yes, most of the women these days consider this resort as the last. But they do matter somewhere deep down the heart.


The list is, however, endless, but I am sure all the women out there must agree with some of the points.

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I usually go blank when I am asked to introduce myself, so I’m still struggling with things I can and should write to describe myself. I am a 21 years old fun loving gal studying B.Tech. (Yes I am an engineer sadly ☹ ). I am presently studying in Jaipur but I am Dilliwali at heart. I am a very curious and very short tempered yet fun loving person. I love to dance and you can say I’m addicted to it. I really love to read novels [bookworm sort of a person]. I love to write. It gives me a strange kind of pleasure. I want to be a published writer. I want to write till there is nothing left in my soul to ponder upon, until every story in my heart has been told because writing is a part of ME. Basically I am a curious adult struggling with her life as of now.
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