A mysterious poet… you might have got a just about him on Instagram. Often celebrities (Khloe Kardashian, Nargis Fakhri, and Ileana D’cruz) repost his poem extracts. You try to find out who is rm drake. And then you get drowned in his poetic essence.

The idea of his poems is modern and harsh. He will make you think of harsh realities of love, the long lost love and the last goodbye. In this broken world, there are different kinds of love – the insecure love, the one-sided love, the over passionate love, the unspoken love and much more. Whatever your story is, his poems will take you to the journey of the past you don’t want to visit.

So just sit back and read. And remember what you have forgotten.

Tears are more truthful than words


The broken love gives rise to deeper addiction


The unexpressed stories of countless sleepless nights3

From the hundreds of people in your life – That unforgettable one4

The miscommunications & misunderstandings lead to forever widening spaces5

And then there are also some haunting love stories6

Those memories which still knocks the wind out of you7

The switcheroo phase- that unexpected changes that rock your world8

When you realise solitude is good9

The annoying silence which you don’t deserve10

When rainy nights soothes you and you see all your worries washing away11

“Old wounds never heal. And the most we can hope for that one day we will be lucky enough to forget.”

About The Author

An untamed dreamer... deeply self-obsessed... effortlessly happy... night lover... passionate reader... bitten by the travel bug... work of wonders Still unfolding different shades... so don't ask who I am..

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