Although, these celebrities are known for the way they choose and carry their outfits but there are times when fashion statement makers are the breakers too. Here are such fashion disasters of Bollywood and Hollywood.

1) Sushmita, It’s a fashion show and you are the guest, not a professor of Hogwarts (harry potter).CORRECTION-MACAU-ENTERTAINMENT-INDIA-FILM-AWARDS

2) A double slit long dress? What a mess! Try it with a short dress. What it is meant for. Fashion sense of Anne Hathaway just took a wrong turn.10WackiestOutfit2

3) Now, this is what we call FASHION SUICIDE. Rakhi Sawant tried hard to hide her baby fat but this shiny low waist (but made high-waist) just reveals it even more.10WackiestOutfit3

4) Congratulations! Dolly Bindra, you’ve been just signed by a low-budget director for the hindi version of “Snow White” in the role of a witch. We could not expect more from you anyway.10WackiestOutfit4

5) Julianne Moore! Darling it’s not always about the dress. Fashion police can catch you with the wrong display of footwear as well.10WackiestOutfit5

6) We know your little niece go bananas over balloons but that does not mean you show your fashion sense with it. Balloons are meant for flying and not for tying on your arms, Lucy Liu!10WackiestOutfit6

7) Haha. We had the same laugh when we saw you like this. Uh I hope you weren’t seeing yourself in a mirror that made you roll on the aisles ? Where is the rest of the dress, Mallika Sherawat?10WackiestOutfit7

8) Oh you just got out of your bed in that silky night gown and realised someone turned your room into a fashion event place? I pity you Rani Mukherjee!10WackiestOutfit8

9) Wish you could have hidden your face as well in this tent like dress so as not to get caught by the fashion inspector. Just one question. Rhianna, Did you borrow it from your little sister’s oversized Barbie doll?10WackiestOutfit9

10) No! We did not expect this fashion murder from you Sonam! Has someone secretly changed your wardrobe and removed all the mirrors from your house? Look at yourself. How do you define this “combination of so many indian dresses” outfit?10WackiestOutfit10

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