10 Things we need to learn from Tanu Weds Manu Returns

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Kangana Ranaut’s ‘swagger’, Madhavan’s subtle nature and Deepak Dobriyal’s wittiness in Tanu Weds Manu Returns has struck gold at the box office. Recently released ‘Tanu Weds Manu Returns’ is spinning its magic at the Box Office. The sequel to the 2011 movie ‘Tanu Weds Manu’ has now conquered the 100 cr frontier and has earned Rs 103.47 cr by the end of the tenth day of its run.

10 things we need to learn from tanu weds manu returns:

1. Love does not grow old. Love is like fine wine, the older the better.

Therefore when tanu and manu decided to break the relation after 4 years, it was a big mistake.

2. Just because your relationship is going through a bad phase, it does not mean that things will not get better.

Everything requires a little struggle. As it is said, “there is always a bright day after a night.”

3. If you failed in your first love, it does not mean you’ll fail again.

You can fall in love again. Raja Awasthi, even after having his heart broken so badly by Tanu in part 1, falls for Kusum and gives his love a second chance. You should always give a second chance to Love.failed-in-love

4. Ego is the worst enemy of all the relationships.

It’s better to say sorry and save a relationship instead of showing EGO and killing it and being sorry later.

Tanu decided to put her ego aside and confront Manu for what had been going between him and Datto.

5. Sperm count does not measure your manliness.

Potency and Manhood are two different things. Men should learn to distinguish between them. Jassi thought that her wife had committed a crime by giving birth to a test tube baby and abandoned his wife and the baby. Instead, he should have accepted the baby on the first place.5

6. Just because you both are opposite it does not mean that you cannot fall in love.

As it is said that opposites attract. There was no similarity between manu and datto and even no similarity between tanu and manu, still they managed to fall in love.kangna-story-650_032415125349

7. Never ever give up on true love!

Tanu decided not to leave until Manu completed the marriage. She had faith on her love. They had been together for 4 years, which could not have been a waste.love quote never give up on someone www.ffpoint.com

8. Don’t hurt someone else’s feelings if you are not sure of your own.

We clearly saw that in the end it was Datto who got hurt so badly amidst the love finding of Manu and Tanu. She got in this vicious circle of love and got caught.datto

9. If a girl is frank with you, it does not mean she is falling for you.

Chintu ji assumes that Tanu was falling for her because she had adopted back her bohemian look and was with him all day long roaming with him on his bike.chintu

10. You make your own destiny.

Just being born in a village does not mean you can’t excel in your life.

Datto belonged to a far-off village in Jhajjhar District of Haryana, she decided to shape her own life and became a state level sportsperson.villager

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