It’s not always about the talent, hard work, contacts etc. etc. that lead you to fame. Sometimes it’s about being present at the wrong place. Here’s a look at the celebrities who got famous out of the blue and when the stars worked for the celebrities.

  • JACKIE SHROFF- while waiting at a bus stop, someone came and asked him “main modeling agency mein kaam karta hun, teri photo lu, acha laga toh paise bhi milenge?”
    To which Jackie replied “ Photo b kheechega and paisa bhi dega?”.
    And that’s how he started his Bollywood journey.1
  • CHARLIZE THERON- She was fighting for her cash of modelling assignment when a talent agent noticed quite impressed. He slipped his business card and her career took a sharp turn from there.2
  • ANUSHKA SHARMA- She was spotted by Wendell Rodricks, when she was wandering in a showroom in Bangalore, since then her glamour world journey started.4
  • JHONNY DEPP- He accompanied his friend to a horror movie’s audition and the director noticed Jhonny instead of his friend. He gave the auditions and boom. He’s an exemplary actor today.5
  • KANGANA RANAUT- She almost dropped the idea of auditioning in films, when during a stage show, a male actor went missing, so she did his role along with her female role and the positive reaction from audience changed her mind completely and she was signed for “Gangster”.6
  • MARILYN MONROE- She worked in the factory of a famous movie star. One day he came for a routine visit and saw her, he took some photographs and she then got motivated to work in films.7
  • ASHTON KUTCHER- He was at bar one day when a talent agent spotted him and made him enter some modelling competition, he won the show and emerged as a star.8
  • CHANNING TATUM- He moved to Miami to change his party routines, but he got noticed by a modelling scout on the street one day and he appeared in nautical and gap ads. He then started his filmy journey.9
  • JENNIFER LAWRENCE- What do you get on your first trip to a new city? Fun? Experience? Memories? Well, Jennifer got signed for a commercial when she was noticed by a modelling agent and that’s how her actual trip started.10

Be prepared always, you never know who might notice you on a street someday, or in a bar, or at any place to which you don’t belong for that moment.

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