They say that death cannot be predicted, but it seems the universe was giving signs about this unfortunate loss of our former President Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam.

A few days back on 22nd July 2015, Jharkhand Education Minister Ms. Neera Yadav unknowingly paid homage to the legendary man, Sir A.P.J. Abdul Kalam despite him being alive that time. The incident was considered as a national shame, but it seems in this ignorant mistake of Ms. Yadav, there was a hidden indication of this forthcoming tragic incident.

APJ Homage

Today on 27th July 2015, the whole country is grieving on this huge loss, but there had been a prediction of this sort just a few days back. This is not the first time a known faces’ death prediction was indicated. Earlier this year actor Robin Williams death was predicted by a fan. But was this incident a real prediction or just a co-incidence?

With this last tweet from Dr. Kalam, We pray that your dream ‘Livable Planet’ becomes India’s next mission and gets fulfilled.

Last Tweet APJ

True Bharat Ratna Dr. Kalam you will be missed.

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