Unknown Facts of Ian Somerhalder

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IAN SOMERHALDER…. Oh yes, I am talking about the 36-year old hottie who looks like a Greek god and is the heartthrob of millions of girls out there. He’s got more than those 2 crystal blue jewels (I am referring to his eyes). He is irresistible to all female fans across the globe. I’m pretty sure he’s drinking from a fountain of youth somewhere.Ian

Girls get ready to drool over the unknown facts about this mischievous yet tempting bad ass.

1.Marine biologist

Well, this very dashing man had two career options one as an actor and other as a marine biologist. He would have either played with fishes or women. Thank god he chose the right career. He’s a hottie with brains.Marine biologist

2. How many of you have wondered the reason for his physique?

I am sure most of the boys these days have this question in mind as they see their female friends drooling over this lover boy. The reason behind his good shape is that Fast food freaks him out. He hates junk food.physique

3. Cursive handwriting

We are in such an era where kids aren’t even taught to write cursive, but this dreamy man can write cursive with his feet.Cursive

4.Cleanliness freak

Girls, not only does he look good, but he also smells amazing. Who wouldn’t like to have a moment with this sizzling hot guy that too in shower? He is a cleanliness freak and sometimes even showers thrice a day.


5. Modeling at 10

He started working in the industry as a model at the age of 10. Yes, he was always a cutie and managed to allure every one by his charm.baby

He worked in commercials of Calvin Klein, Dolce & Gabanna, Gucci, Versace, and Guess.

6. First kiss

Ian’s first kiss was in a skating ring when he was in 5th grade.

1st kiss

7. Apart from giving girls butterflies in their stomachs, he knew carpentry.

Our very own seductive boy has major carpentry skills as well. Imagine him working shirtless (faints)


8. Ever wondered what kind of clothes does he wear to bed?

Cute pajamas, boxers or jeans?? The answer given by him was a No. He gives his adorable smile and says “just sheets”.just sheets

Quick one liner facts

  • Animal loveranimal lover
  • Color: Turquoise
  • Left handed
  • Fav cologne: Dolce and Gabanna
  • Film: The Graduate
  • Loves Red Winered wine

Most of us feel dumbstruck when he’s on screen. With his sizzling good looks, piercing blue eyes, and golden boy personality, he is tempting to all female fans.

That’s all for now! Let me know in the comments if I’ve missed out facts that you think should have made to the list.

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