What is life really about? It’s about being happy. It’s about making others happy. And what does it take to make someone happy? Actually, it is pretty simple. You feel blessed. You will never be alone. You will always have someone who would go an extra mile just to make sure you are at ease. Someone who would dance for you when you are bored, crack jokes for you when you’re sad, try everything possible just to make you feel good. Having someone like this in your life makes you feel fortunate. So how do you do that? Here are some simple gestures that will help you being a loved person..

  1. Smiling

What does it take to smile? Trust me it is very easy. This is the least you can do. Yeah, it makes people happy and makes them like you. . Smiling is a solution is to overlook the negatives and focus on the positive things around us. So just SMILE. It takes nothing to smile at someone.


  1. Random conversations

Remember that childhood friend of yours who always used to help you? Why don’t call him today and have a short conversation with him? Why not revisit the old days again? Calling someone randomly after a long time will make you happy and him too.

Random Conversations

  1. Offering help to people

See someone who needs help? Why not take 2mins off your work and help them? It won’t make you lose your million dollars but will definitely make someone happy and love you back.


  1. Written notes and letters

Written stuff always has its own charm. The words carry more than just meaning. The ink has more than just colour. The writing has more feeling than fonts. It’s not just a note- it’s a bit of sunshine, wrapped, sealed and delivered to warm you up from the inside.


  1. Texting someone first

I don’t understand why do we have so much of attitude in ourselves these days? You won’t become a smaller person if you text someone first. It won’t even hurt the other person. In fact, it will make the other person like you.


  1. Saying “Sorry” and “Thank you” more often

“Sorry” and “Thank you” are the simplest words in this world that carries the most significant meaning ever. It makes people genuinely happy if you say that.

Thank you

  1. Random compliments

If you see a girl out there who you know, just remind her how beautiful her smiles is, or remind a guy how helpful or handsome he is. It would make them really happy and make them love you like anything.


  1. Remembering names

Everyone has their own identity. They like it when you remember them by that name. It makes them love you more as they feel that you know them. It’s a simple mindset.


  1. Asking someone “how are you” instead of telling how are you

Why always being self-centred? Someday try asking people about them instead of always telling about yourself. Give the other person a chance. A chance to express themselves, A chance to know them. It really matters.

How are you

  1. Respecting everyone

Everybody on this earth deserves respect. They might not be able to ask for it, but they do expect you to treat them in a nice way. No matter whom they are, no matter what they do. Each and every one owes some respect and would love you if you do that.


Making others happy will automatically make you a loved person. Making someone happy is the biggest wealth you can ever earn in a lifetime. Spread happiness, spread love.

“The supreme happiness of life is the conviction that we are loved.”

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