“Get tiger hang him. Parade him, not his brother”, says Salman Khan.

Bollywood actor Salman Khan has now come out in support of Yakub Memon, who was found guilty by the Honourable High Court and Supreme Court of India in the 1993 Mumbai Blast case. Salman tweeted that the wrong man is being punished for the crimes of Tiger Memon.

Salman blamed the authorities for failing to catch Tiger Menon and putting Yakub Menon behind bars. The actor confessed that he wanted to express his feeling for quite sometime now, but he couldn’t due to the sensitivity of the case. So finally he decided to take down his frustration using his twitter account. Salman says he is more disturbed because the family of Yakub Memon is at losing end.

The decision taken by the court is final, yet Yakub Menon has filed a curative petition in the Supreme Court appealing against the death penalty after the President rejected his mercy petition.

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