Every relationship starts with a love so deep that the ocean would be jealous…. But are you in a relationship or relationshit??? Check out if you are really caged in a relationship!

Check out if you are really caged in a relationship!

1. WhatsApp: You are being stalked on the basis of your last seen and blue ticks.

whatsapp 1

2. Status Update: WhatsApp/Facebook status is always under the grill.

Welcome Stalker 2

3. Location Based Stalking: Even when you are home they wanna know “where the hell are you, send me your location, NOW!!


4. SnapChat: Your every snapchat is questioned “Kisko Bheja”.

Snapchat Ghost

5. Relationship Status: You are forced to put “In a Relationship” status on every possible social platform


6. Phone Scanning: As soon as your phone is in their hand they get supernatural scanning power.


7. Password Horror: More login from your account is from their ip than yours.

'We've entered the 'password sharing' phase of our relationship!'

8. Social Interactions: The moment anyone from opposite-sex likes your post be prepared for the #Interrogation


9. Friends WHO ??: You are only allowed to hang out with couples.


10. Baby, I Miss You: Lastly, if you miss a single call be prepared to get calls from friends family and almost every distant relative.

checking in

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