As the Valentine’s Day approaching, all young couples must have started making plans for celebrating this romantic day. So when everyone is buckled up why not get some tips from Nargis Fakhri.

In the recent issue of Cineblitz, Nargis has opened up about matters of the heart.

Fakhri, who was rumored to be dating Uday Chopra in the past, does come up with some very interesting anecdotes and relationship advice in the interview. It’s surely a must read for all those who love fun candid chats with Bollywood stars. Here are a few highlights of the conversation:

1) Men don’t even take people on dates anymore. They just want to come to your house and hang out. In today’s day and age everyone is hooking up too early and the guys have lost chivalry. I am really old school which is funny because many people probably don’t think that of me.

2) First date faux pas… Definitely don’t sleep on the first date if you like the guy.

3) Even if you have a boyfriend or are married or whatever, you don’t have to ask anyone anything. Till the time you are not doing anything wrong in your eyes and you were doing this before you met your boyfriend and no one has complained, then why would you change and why are you asking for permission. If you have to ask for permission, something is not right there.

4) If you are particularly talking about Valentine’s Day, then it is a day to celebrate love. Personally I think it is a day of love in general even though love should be celebrated every day. But Valentine’s Day is a money-making marketing ploy for people to buy roses, heart and take their special someone on a date. It’s nice, it’s good… this is how we should treat each other all the time.

5) Don’t try to put some moves on me because I will cut you down. I will stop it right there… This is the first date, try it on the tenth date. That’s why nobody makes it anywhere with me because they are too lazy to get to the tenth date! They are like, ‘This girl is just way too much work, can’t do it.

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