Though, India has taken over Pakistan in the cricket match. But in TV industry Pakistani serials has clean bowled the Indian soaps.

Zindagi channel has captured many eyeballs of the Indian audience. Everything about Pakistani serials is appreciable- the content, the characters and the setup. I myself am a huge fan of Zindagi channel. Such was my addiction that I couldn’t wait a day for next episode and watched all the episodes on YouTube. I never was crazy was about any Indian serial leaving kynki… coz it was the first show of star plus. But after seeing zindagi gulzar hai, maat, humsafar I am like what kind of boring and repetitive stuff is being shown by our TV industry.

So lets for fun spot the main difference that makes Pakistani serials so addictive

1. Duration

Pak serials are fast paced. They have at most 23 to 25 episodes. Whereas Indian soaps are never ending. Indian sops neither have a beginning nor any end. It is just an endless cycle of repetitions.


2. Content

Pakistani sops actually have a story. They touch bold issues from child abuse to divorce rather than the saas bahu bitchiness. Zindagi gulzar hai is the biggest example of portraying normal relationship problems into a beautiful screenplay. Our writers seriously need a change of mind set and drop saas bahu formula.


3. Makeup and jewellery

I finally found normal human beings in Pakistani serials. The clothes and makeup are understated in every serial. Unlike in Indian soaps where all these things are tad exaggerated. I mean seriously who wears heavy make-up and sarees in real life at home. Not even Ambanis.


4. Poor are actually shown poor

Pakistani writers actually know how poor people live. If you see Thakan, you can easily figure out from the house and clothes that the characters are poor. But in Indian serials even the poorest character will be seen wearing a banarsi sari.


5. Acting

People if you really want to see the real acting switch on to zindagi channel. They have the combination of good looks and acting. Unlike in our serials where you can just find eye candies.

And who can miss the heartthrob of millions- Fawad Khan. The actor is the hot list of everyone. He is going to be next big thing in the Bollywood.4

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