One should dance at home, all alone. And that too, often. I am not talking about Indian classical dance forms. Of course, they require more practice, not to perform but to pronounce their names! Western dance styles are not my cup of tea. No matter how much I try, cannot relate to their music. You got it right! I am asking you to move your feet and shake your body to our Bollywood music. Not on melodious, slow songs of Atif Aslam and Arijit Singh but the remix versions of the same songs.

Few days back, I watched PK. Remember the song in which PK teaches Anushka to dance like aliens. But why do we need to learn from aliens when we can have our desi style of fun.

So, here are the reasons why one should dance alone at home.

  • When you are alone, then obviously no one can see you. You can dance as much as you want. You can dance like a Baraati or a mad person or an alcoholic. You can be whoever you want.
  • Dancing releases all stress and tension, especially when you let your body move in any way you want without following any steps or directions.
  • This will help you to fulfill your old wish to dance in a Baraat, if you have always been on the side of a bride in the past.
  • While dancing, you can imagine that you are with your imaginary partner and can indulge in all your dance fantasies.
  • In order to gain the most from this activity, you have to be focused. Do not check your WhatsApp messages. Put your phone on silent mode. Trust me, you can benefit more from a 10 minute mad dancing session than from any other method of relaxation. “Mann ke saare band darwaaze khul jaaenge”.
  • This special dance form will bring a childlike smile on your face. No one can laugh at your weird dance steps or scold you for loud music. In short, no one can stop you from enjoying every single moment of your recreation time.
  • If your parents are out, but they have burdened you with a list of tasks. Then, no problem, I know that we all are inborn multitask masters. For example, if you are supposed to cook food for the dinner, then you could create your dance form by dancing with knives and spoons. Have you ever thought about the kitchen as a dancing stage? Now, you can
  • Don’t keep this valuable information to yourself. Go out and share with your friends. You would get to hear some of the most amazing and fun loving stories.

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I am a bibliophile and at the same time, I also love to meet new people. I like day dreaming and also, love to party. I am always up for new ideas and love to share it with friends.

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