Delhi Metro has been ranked the 2nd best metro in the world. It is almost impossible for a Delhiite to imagine life without metro. We all are grateful to DMRC for providing a world class service. Despite of the fact, few changes could be made to make a journey of aam aadmi more delightful.

First of all, number of coaches in metro trains should be increased. Nothing could be more dreadful than boarding metro station during peak hours. I think your luck percentage could be calculated by the amount of space you get to stand in the train rather than by any horrorscope website. Oops! I mean to say horoscope website. And if you are lucky enough to find a seat, people would continuously stare at you till you de-board the train.

If the entire Delhi would soon become wifi – enabled, claimed by our new Delhi government, then metro should be the first place to start this service. Delhi metro offers no big drama. People are bored of watching lovey-dovey couples, listening to conversations of nearby passengers, crying babies and women fighting for seats.

Anybody remember the dance performance given by a dance group in Mumbai railway station? We could also have something like that. Let’s hope, we do not end up with aunties singing jaagran songs.

Recently, announcements have been made to turn Dubai metro into an underground art gallery. Isn’t this seems to be an amazing idea. Imagine! May be, we could have some of the best paintings by Indian painters. We all are sick of looking at advertisements on metro stations.

Metro timings should be changed. Instead of closing at 11 PM, they should extend at least till 2AM. It is so difficult to come back at your apartment from a night party. Autowallahs charge you so high, and if you protest, they will make you feel as if his auto is your last chance to reach your home before your college next day. If you don’t pay him, you would make the biggest mistake of your life as Delhi is one the most unsafe places in the world for women. Of course, office goers would also benefit from this. However, I empathise more with party animals!

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I am a bibliophile and at the same time, I also love to meet new people. I like day dreaming and also, love to party. I am always up for new ideas and love to share it with friends.

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