#ModiInsultsIndia Really?

The topic of #ModiInsultsIndia is trending worldwide. But did the Indian PM Narendra Modi really insult India?

#ModiInsultsIndia has become a global trending topic everywhere, and especially on twitter. Indian PM, Narendra Modi, left for China on Thursday and after spending the weekend at Mongolia, and on Tuesday spent the day in South Korea.

In Seoul on Monday, Modi said “There was a time when people said what sin did we do in our previous life that we were born in India, what kind of country is this, what kind of government is this, what kind of people are there, let’s leave it and go away somewhere else.” He had given similar remarks even on his visit to Shanghai on Saturday too.

But I don’t understand why the Indian PM Modi is facing so much of hatred and anger on Twitter and other social networking sites for “Insulting India” as per them. #ModiInsultsIndia is receiving various responses boiling in anger by different people about the PM’s views about NRI.

Well, I don’t get what was wrong in the statement he gave. Somewhere deep down, we all know that what he said was right. Yeah, one may think the words he used were not correct but the NRIs have always had this attitude. And maybe if we look into the old times, they weren’t wrong either.

Yes, India was an under-developed country back then. It lacked almost all the resources required for business. There was a lack of capital, investment, research, everything except labour. But it WAS. And he said the same thing. Why is it so hard for people to digest? The truth is always bitter, and we all should accept it; at least now. In fact, we should be happy that we have developed so much in this short span of time.

Pawan Khera, the congress minister, tweeted “India was not ashamed despite your Shenanigans in Gujarat. India is much more than you can ever understand. #ModiInsultsIndia “

Well, I would just say no one understood Gujarat and India better than him.

The other Congress Minister, Kapil Sibbal stated, “If you cannot bring achche din, at least bring sachche din.”

Well Mr. Sibbal, I think this is what we call “sachche din”. It is high time we start accepting what India was and what it has become. A fact is a fact.

So, all those who are opposing the PM Modi’s views, should give themselves a reality check, and all the NRIs should actually think about the real reason they left India. They may not be truthful to everyone, but at least they should be truthful to their own selves.

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