When we are struggling to find a hide out in this rain and trying to get home safely here is one guy pointing out BMC’s work and it is quite apt for the situation. This is what Ram Subramanian wants BMC to know.

Dear BMC,

I am sure that the heavy rains caught you unaware this year too.

As usual, I have no option but sit at home and watch television journalists over-articulate a lie: rains have paralyzed Mumbai.

Here’s what I think is the truth: You have paralyzed my city. Yes, you, BMC. You have paralyzed this city with your chronic incompetence.

We got your message, by the way, asking us to stay at home and not venture out to work. Thank you. Easy solution for you to come up with considering that’s what you probably did all year. Sat on your backside and stood up in time to face the news cameras with your standard responses and all too familiar phrases: ‘Heavy rains,’ ‘Mumbai’s topography,’ ‘reclaimed land,’ ‘high tide,’ etc.

Same shit every time.

I have realized that there is no point talking about other countries and their rainwater management systems/ ideas, you probably know it but don’t care about it. I have stopped questioning your intent because the answer is obvious. I have stopped questioning your competence because there can’t be any without intent.

I have no questions for you anymore but I can’t silence the question in my head: What will happen to this city and it’s people if we have to face something bigger than ‘heavy rains’?

A worried Mumbaikar


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