Aam Aadmi Party made a historic mandate by winning 67 seats out of 70 in Delhi assembly elections. On 14 February, Arvind Kejriwal took an oath for the second time with the blazing set of promises. And now on 24 may, the very common AAP is going to complete its 100 days in power. The Chief Minister of Delhi will hold a “Jan Samvad” in Delhi to talk about the achievements of AAP in 100 days

The journey of AAP has been filled with lots of twists and turns. The work of AAP was the hot topic throughout and Kejriwal was targeted many times by the opposition. On one hand, it was able to fulfil some of the promises but still delhites don’t feel satisfied with the government in power. Just like a coin has two sides, similarly the work of AAP can be unfolded in two categories.

The difference in people opinions can be seen on two hashtags trending on twitter. The hashtag #100daysofmufflerman is in all praise of achievements of AAP. Whereas THA hashtag #100liesFakeriwal is mocking AAP on the broken promises and controversies in these 100 days

Let’s ponder over both the achievements and shortcomings of AAP till now


  • AAP was able to slash the prices of electricity by 50% within two weeks of coming into power
  • An Anti-Corruption helpline 1039 was launched which resulted into drastic reduction in corruption
  • 19,000 licences issued to e-rickshaw drivers
  • Steps were taken to regularise the unauthorized and re-settlement colonies
  • Red bacon culture vanished from the capital. The CM, ministers, MLAs are not entitled to travel in red bacon cars
  • Routine inspections in schools of Delhi has improved the quality of education
  • The donation system in schools has been eradicated
  • Satyendra Jain, health minister ensures visits in hospitals very often. He has also given his personal number and email for any grave problem
  • AAP took no time to ban the sale and purchase of chewing tobacco in capital3


  • After more than a week of the government, the prices of gas, CNG, petrol, diesel sored
  • Only 3% of the population are to be benefited from the free water scheme. Since a major chunk of the population depends on tankers for water supply.
  • Free WIFI is practically not possible. And it is to be made available for only 30 minutes and in that also no access to YouTube, Facebook and email services
  • The alleged fake degree of Law minister of AAP caught a lot of eyeballs. The opposition even demanded termination of the minister
  • The turf between Kejriwal and Lieutenant Governor Najeeb Jung over the appointment of Chief Secretary was breaking news
  • The most saddened controversy was the suicide of a farmer. The AAP was criticised for not stopping the rally
  • The internal politics of the parties is proving to be a black mark for the party. It is being projected that party workers are not happy with the dictatorship of Kejriwal5

The completion of 100 days is indeed a milestone. But 100 days is too early to judge the working policy of the party. It still has a long way to go to prove itself.

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