In this new age of social media, surely all of us girls have come across accounts with vibrant and shamelessly funny personalities that make us cringe in our seat, whether it’s their profile picture or status update or ‘you are so hot baby’ one liner messages, totally not giving a damn that we are complete strangers. Well, if you think your encounters in Facebook, Twitter or Instagram gives you a years worth of laughter, brace yourself because Tinder is the comedy central of all social dating sites. If you are on Tinder, there is no doubt you’ve swiped through all sorts of profile pictures. Here are the hilarious 10 typical Indian men strictly based on their Tinder profile pictures, you’ll come across:

  1. The family man:

This guy stands by ‘honesty is the best policy’ because he has his wife and kids or maybe just his whole generation of relatives in his Tinder profile picture. Wow just Wow.


  1. The group guy:

While checking out his profile, you’re not very sure whose profile it is because all he has are group photos and you just cannot pick him out.


  1. The ‘I have been abroad’ guy:

Photo or near the beach or in madame tussauds museum, he just wants you to know damn well he has seen the world baby!!


  1. The party animal:

There is no denying, we all like to upload party pictures occasionally, but this guy shows us that the sky is the limit, from his profile picture to his album it’s all him and his crazy night outs. Cheers.


  1. The culturally diverse guy:

Judging by his pictures, you can see him eating samosas with a bunch of white people or hanging out with some northeasters, this guy likes to mingle and loves the diversity.


  1. The ‘I have a car’ guy:

Taking a selfie in an angle that shows off the interiors of his car or just getting his friends to photograph him posing next to his car, he surely feels like the king of the world.


  1. The Model:

So this guy has a whole portfolio in his Tinder album. Be it a photoshoot in his chaddi or walking the ramp, he wants the ladies to know him professionally.

aryan vaid briefs

  1. The ‘salman khan’ guy:

He shows off himself working out in the gym or by posing for shirtless pictures. All his pictures indicate a little sight of his bulging biceps or chest.


  1. The ‘selfie’ dude:

Yeah, be it his overacting gestures or a serious gaze and maybe a little man pout towards the camera, he’ll give all you girls a run for your money when it comes to selfies.


  1. The ‘I am effin rich’ guy:

He’s a Gucci, Hermes, Louis Vuitton (you name it) belt loving Indian man. He brings out everything he’s got be it driving posh cars or going on posh holidays or partying with his posh friends. Lol.


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