There are certain things in life that we all want to change, but can’t. We cannot bring ourselves to face the reality and accept it. So, we have found an easy way out. We LIE. We all keep lying all the time. We lie to ourselves. We lie to others. We lie to everyone around us.

We can make out when someone is lying as we do the same. But what if we couldn’t make out? Well, here are some signs which may help us..

1. Too perfect while answering

The answers they give are like picture perfect. As if they have crammed it from a script. Literally a point to point answer is ready to every possible question. And all the answers are just perfect.


2. Keep changing statements

As the story they told you was fabricated, it becomes difficult for them to remember each and everything perfectly. So, the next time you ask them the same thing, you might find some different answers.


3. Keep repeating themselves

Out of anxiety, they tend to repeat words or phrases or their statements again and again just to make you believe them.

Do it

4. Avoid eye contact

As they know they have been lying, due to nervousness, it’s hard for them to make an eye contact. They are even scared that if the other person will know that they have been lying.

Eye contact

5. Try to avoid you

“I’ve been busy lately. Will talk to you later” and stuff is what you’ll hear as they are trying to avoid more lies that they might need to speak to you if the talk to you.


6. Talk too much or not at all

They would behave weirdly. Talk so much that you would be irritated. Or they would just not talk at all and go in a silent-zone which will again irritate you.

Stop Talking

7. Justify themselves again and again

To make sure that you don’t think they are lying, they would keep justifying themselves and try to convince you with everything they say, give you too much of unnecessary information.


8. Keep fidgeting their hair or feet

Again due to tension of you finding out that they are lying, they tend to fidget something or their feet or hair to keep things casual.

Hair flip

9. Breathing becomes faster

As a reflex action, flow of blood becomes faster, the heart rate increases and due to that the person starts breathing heavily.

Fast breathing

10. Are confused

If you ask any cross-questions, they get confused and lose their focus from the point and then say something contradictory to their own statements.


“If you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember anything.”

― Mark Twain

So everyone out there, lie less, read more and stay truthful and happy!

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