1. Most Affordable Eye Make-up Remover. Many make-up artists use Vaseline for removing eye make-up; it’s cheap and really effective. It’s fantastic to improve the appearance of lips too when you massage it in and then wipe clean. Lips will appear fuller and shinier.


2. Reduce puffy eyes by splashing water or applying a cold compress on them gently. Never be rough on your eyes. Pamper them.


3. Use the correct makeup application tools. Foundation and Beard Cover should always be applied with a triangle shaped latex sponge in order to avoid streaking. Apply foundation with a circular motion after lightly dampening the sponge with warm water (wring out any excess). Use foundation, not concealer to cover you redness or blemishes because concealer is lighter as compared to your skin and foundation is not.


4. Best time to apply lotion is after shower or a bath, as the skin is damp and will take the cream quickly giving you the best results.


5. To make lipstick last longer allow it to set for few minutes after applying blot lips with tissue and dust them with powder then apply another coat. YUM, YUM.


6. Silky Smooth Legs. Always after shaving apply moisturizer to the legs for a silky-soft finish. Legs do not have oil ducts in the skin surface and can get dry and flakey very quickly.


7. Pink Lipstick Lips Camouflage Skin Flaws. If you have less than a perfect skin complexion try using a warm pink tone of lipstick on the lips. This draws people’s attention to the lips visually and so they focus less on any flaws you may have in your complexion. Try it – it works. (Sing Pink Lips Please)


8. Coloring your own hair? Don’t do any drastic changes. Keep it simple yet stylish and be crazy yet not insane i.e. relate your color to your life, your work structure, your skin tone and then change it. Got it gurls


9. Apply your favorite nail color, wait for some time and splash some cold water….now go and do what you like without thinking about the nail color getting spoiled.


10. Turn your kohl into gel liner by simply flaming up the tip of it for some time…the perfect liner is ready for use.


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