If you’ve got it, flaunt it. But if you don’t, just try flowers or something, and lay off these horrendously ridiculous pick-up lines.

  1. There’s corny, there’s cheesy and then there’s CHEMI-CORNICALLY CHEESY.10Pick-UpLinesThatWillGetYouBlocked_01
  2. Desi-cheesy is also a big no-no. Unless maybe you’re Farhan Akhtar, of course.10Pick-UpLinesThatWillGetYouBlocked_02
  3. Even if you’re as hot as the guy in this poster, this one will surely creep her out.10Pick-UpLinesThatWillGetYouBlocked_03
  4. And then you have just plain Ewwww.10Pick-UpLinesThatWillGetYouBlocked_06
  6. What’s worse than a stalker pick-up line, you ask? Why, it’s this right here of course!10Pick-UpLinesThatWillGetYouBlocked_05
  7. You may think that a movie pick-up line might fetch you your golden ticket but not when it’s filthy like this one.10Pick-UpLinesThatWillGetYouBlocked_07
  8. And especially not if it’s not going to degrade the silent guardian, the watchful protector…10Pick-UpLinesThatWillGetYouBlocked_08
  9. Everybody’s got that patriotic blood rushing them. But some pick-up lines are better left unsaid.10Pick-UpLinesThatWillGetYouBlocked_09
  10. Finally, remember to always be a gentleman.10Pick-UpLinesThatWillGetYouBlocked_10

Now that you’ve been educated on what to do if you want a restraining order against you, go ahead and share the knowledge.
Happy Pick-up Lining!10Pick-UpLinesThatWillGetYouBlocked_11

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