Indian TV sops literally suck…!!! There is no better way to describe them. Everything in these shows is presented in highly exaggerated manner. I stopped watching Indian soaps a decade ago. But for this article I had to watch them again. Just to see what changes have come? But alas nothing. There is a same show running over and over again just with the different set of people. The only thing changed is that now they present the show with highly exaggerated manner.

Below are the 10 most exaggerating things every Indian sops shows

Over exaggerated background music

The dreadful, haunting, maddening music of every tragic scene. Almost every serial plays the same creepy music.1

Over exaggerated KYA! KYA! KYA!

So any tragic scene is incomplete without the gesture KYA and that too three times. The scene is short from about 100 different angles just to get that KYA. 2

Over exaggerated makeup

The best one sleeps and wakes up with full over makeup. Not only with makeup, she even sleeps in heavy saris.3

Over exaggerated costumes

Whether the lead actors are poor or rich, one will always find them in the designer costumes. 4

Over exaggerated Indian culture

The Indian culture that is projected in all these serials never really exists in reality. The point is that India has modernised but not the Indian soaps. Wonder what is taking them too long to get modernised.5

Over exaggerated age leaps

This is the major flaw of the Indian serials. Baa crossing 400 years…. Seriously WT(BEEP)!. Enough said!!6

Over exaggerated rebirths

This one is really funny. A character dies and all the mourning is done. Then after some years the character returns miraculously. If the serials are having low TRPs just make the dead man alive.7

Over exaggerated titles

The title explains the whole story. There is no need to actually see the serial. And sometimes the title doesn’t even make any sense. 8

Over exaggerated families

These serials have revised the concept of joint families. The joint family will not only include dada dadi but also chacha chichi, mama mami, taya tayi, baa, bhua and all the random cousins. How do they even manage to live together? 9

Less exaggerated love scenes

The only thing that is not exaggerated is the love scenes. The scenes are more pathetic than the Bollywood movies. The hugs, holding hands sum up the whole lovemaking scene. And even if they try to act it out, it looks more like a comedy scene.10

And the list can go on and on….

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