10 Ongoing Must Watch TV Shows

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There are many of the great shows being telecasted right now, making it difficult to choose which one to watch. This list is definitely not the Forbes list, but it will make choosing an easy task for you.

1. Sherlock

This British crime drama is probably the best adaptation of the character. Benedict Cumberbatch is tailor-made for this role as the eccentric and the world’s first consulting detective. He has a strained relationship with his brother, Mycroft Holmes. Holmes with his partner Watson together solve crimes and help keep London safe. The show will begin its season 4 in early 2016.10 Ongoing Must Watch TV Shows_01

2. Mr. Robot

The series follows the life of a socially inept cyber hacker Elliot, who finds acceptance in a mysterious team of hackers headed by a social-anarchist Mr. Robot who wants Elliot to destroy the corporation Elliot works at. Currently season 1 of this show is being aired on USA Network.10 Ongoing Must Watch TV Shows_02

3. House of Cards

This political drama has a US Congressman with his conniving wife extract revenge on people who betrayed him in the treacherous world of politics. Season 4 will premiere in 2016.10 Ongoing Must Watch TV Shows_03

4. Suits

Harvey, the best closing lawyer hires Mike, a college dropout, as his associate against the former’s company policy. Mike is a legal prodigy. The duo works together to win but they also keep up the charade. The show is currently airing its season 5 on USA Network.10 Ongoing Must Watch TV Shows_04

5. Hannibal

Will, a gifted criminal profiler with exceptional ability to think like serial killers is psychologically deteriorating and is supervised by psychiatrist Dr. Hannibal who is the cannibalistic serial killer that Will is trying to find. This dark psychological thriller will definitely send a chill down your spine. Its season 3 is currently airing on NBC.10 Ongoing Must Watch TV Shows_05

6. The Originals

No, this is nothing like its mother show The Vampire Diaries. It follows the lives of the original vampires- The Mikaelsons, making an attempt to rule the city of New Orleans once again and lead the witches and the werewolves, trying to resolve their deep rooted sibling issues. The season 3 will premiere on 8 October, 2015.10 Ongoing Must Watch TV Shows_06

7. Homeland

A marine sergeant returns home after being in captivity for 8 years, but the CIA agent believes him to be a terrorist who is ready to unleash hell on the American soil and thus begins the game of cat and mouse. Season 5 is expected in the fall.10 Ongoing Must Watch TV Shows_07

8. How to Get Away with Murder

While every criminal is landing in jail, this one knows how to get one out of it. Annalise Keating, a brilliant criminal lawyer with her group of students, fights for her clients, whether guilty or not and unbeknownst to her the students get into a murder mystery of their own. Mark your calendars for 24 September when it returns with season 2.10 Ongoing Must Watch TV Shows_08

9. The Blacklist

When a former government agent and now a fugitive cuts a deal with the FBI to help them apprehend criminals that the US government isn’t even aware of while working exclusively with a rookie, all you can expect is secrets to unfold. September 24th is when it will return with season 3.10 Ongoing Must Watch TV Shows_09

10. The Vampire Diaries

A human girl torn between the love of 2 extremely good looking vampire brothers, who can’t see eye to eye. With Ian Somerhalder as one of the brothers and looking at you with those piercing blue eyes, who can resist it? The brothers will return on 8 October with season 7.10 Ongoing Must Watch TV Shows_10

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