India has witnessed some of the most dramatic villains and horrifying crimes. Although US is leading in gruesome killings but India’s honour also has been widely pulverized. The whole nation has been engulfed by the unpleasant aura of salacious crimes. And some of these killings can baffle anyone who has come across these in any sort of way. It can make everyone’s skin crawl.

Let’s get to the list of some of the grodiest crimes that India has seen.


    This poor homeless man killed poor people without any motive. Somewhere in 1960s killings of homeless people were reported. The killer used to kill the victims in their sleep (mostly sleeping on pavements) by blunt and hard objects. Police launched a manhunt and nabbed Raman and he was credited with the killing of 40 people. He confessed to the killings although he couldn’t remember the exact number due to his casual approach towards killing. He was diagnosed with schizophrenia.1


    Believed to be a loner, Shankar was a terror in south India in the 80s. He murdered 8 girls in 6 months’ time period. He used to kidnap and strangle these girls with rope or bare hands. It is believed that he had a sexual attraction for the dead bodies. Then he would cremate them and throw their ashes in Bay of Bengal. He was hanged to death in 1995.2

  3. THE STONEMAN (1989)

    This is one of the greatest unsolved cases by the police, even though, there was an eye witness. Almost 13 murders took place in 6 months. The pavement dwellers were the target of this brutal killer. He would crush the face of the victim with the stone as heavy as 30 kilograms. But the interesting thing to note here is that police don’t even know whether it is the work of a single person or group of people. This led to the belief among the masses that this was the work of some supernatural entity. The killings started in Mumbai in 1989, ended abruptly for some time and then commenced in Kolkata. Whoever the stone man was, he was never found.3


    Jessica Lal, the model was murdered for a sheer drink. The convict, Manu Sharma ordered the drink after the bar was closed which Jessica refused. Manu Sharma lost his temper and fired two shots from his gun. One shot was fired in the air and second at Jessica. The bullet struck her temple and she died on the spot. The case ran for seven long years. After media pressure and a candle march, the case was declared fast track. And in 2006 the convict was sentenced to life imprisonment. However, if the locals are to be believed, this hasn’t pacified the spirit of Jessica. The spirit of Jessica has been seen walking in the dark corridors of the place where she was murdered.4


    This was the first ever cannibal case ever reported in India. Surinder Kohli, the servant of Mohinder Singh (co-accused in the crime) was convicted for the killings of 31 children and a 20 years old woman. The skeletons and dead bodies cut into several pieces were retrieved in the back of Mohinder house. It was speculated that he used to have sex with the dead bodies and eat their organs. After months of questioning, he confessed of eating the liver of the dead bodies. In 2015, the death sentence of Koli was commuted to life imprisonment on the ground of “inordinate delay” in deciding his mercy petition.5


    The tragic killings of Arushi (12) and servant Hemraj (45) received heavy media coverage. The whole nation lapped for every detail regarding this case. The story of who killed them isn’t clear even now. Arushi was found with her throat slit in her bedroom by her mother. Earlier the fingers were being pointed at the Hemraj. But sometime later his body was also found on the terrace. After five years of investigation, the parents were convicted of murder and were given life imprisonment. The dentist couple is still fighting for their case. The truth is still not out till now.6


    This case is a fine example of love, sex and betrayal. Neeraj Grover was brutally murdered by a Kannada actress and her boyfriend. The whole case was solved easily by Maria Susairaj confession. She confessed that Grover was stabbed by Emile in the kitchen after he found them in the bedroom early morning. After the murder, the body of Grover was cut into more than 200 body pieces and was packed in three airbags. Then they took it to the outskirts of Mumbai and burnt the airbags. She even claimed that Emile raped her near the body. Whatever the truth was, it destroyed the life of three families.7

  8. NIRBHAYA CASE (2012)

    This rape case crossed all the levels of brutality. A 23 years old physiotherapy female student was beaten and raped on December 16. This case even received international coverage. At 9:30 pm the girl and her friend boards a private bus. The girl was taken to the back of the bus where she was raped repeatedly by three men and a boy. The rape wasn’t enough for those monsters. After raping her, the inserted an iron object inside her that injured her abdomen, intestine and genitals. Then both were thrown out of the bus after snatching their clothes and belongings. The rape victim died after 13 days struggling with pain. All the convicts were awarded to be hanged till dead punishment.8


    The inhuman act by Somnath Parida, a retired army doctor spread shockwave to the entire nation. The doctor murdered his wife by hammering her head with torchlight after having a quarrel. After killing her, he hacked her body, filled 22 boxes with the pieces and kept them in two iron boxes. Earlier he stated that his wife committed suicide and he hopped her body for cremation at Shirdi. What’s more surprising was his remorseless attitude towards her wife death. His colleagues were dumbfounded to know about the murder, as he was giving birthday party to them a day before his arrest.9


    A mentally challenged girl was brutally gang raped and murdered. A half-eaten body was found on Rohtak highway with both hands and left side of the body missing. The post-mortem report confirmed gang rape. Further reports showed that a 16 m long and 4 cm wide stick was found in her vagina along with stones, blades and number of condoms. The body was half eaten by animals. There were several injury marks on her chest, thighs and private parts. Even the doctors said that they haven’t seen such a case in their entire tenure. Out of 9 accused, the police has arrested 8 youths, the ninth one committed suicide.10

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