Hundreds of people have been killed when a magnitude of 7.9 earthquake nearly smashed Nepal causing destructive damage in the capital Kathmandu. The earthquake has already claimed lives of more than 1000 people in Nepal. Death tolls are rising with every passing moment. Rescue workers and police are suspecting that some more people are still trapped under the debris of the city’s iconic Dharahara Tower. Strong tremors and aftershocks were felt in the entire North Indian region with the death of 40 people.

Minutes after the shockwaves hit Nepal and North India, different social networking sites hit with status and tweets about the earthquake. People started to share their experiences in social networking sites, while some prayed for the well being of people in Nepal, posted helpline numbers, but some choose to come up with status like “feeling excited”, “lifetime experiences” etc. Some took this as an opportunity to showcase their stupidity and gain attention towards their not so good humor.

Not even individuals; there might be a chance it was too early for them to realize the actual destruction of lives and gravity of the entire situation, but even some websites insensitively came up with posts which literally insult the sufferings of people in Nepal and affected North Indian states. One of this site “” tried to sell its sunglasses through an advertising tweet which says “ Shake it off like this Earthquake”, after getting negative comments Lenskart apologised for the tweet. Another website “ScoopWhoop” also came up with an article on reactions of people when earthquake strikes, which was also criticised with lots of negative comments. Although both of these sites apologised.


ScoopWhoop Article

scoopwhoop messed up

ScoopWhoop Apology


LensKart SMS Blast and Apology

There are many other who have either posted or tried out advertising campaign which belittled humanity. Even Twitter was not left untouched with the insensitivity.

Here, are some Tweets:

Have a look at these images as well:


Troika Consulting

facebook status_roy

Facebook User and his mind set




News Flicks


MobikWik SMS Promotion and Apology

sambit patra

Sambit Patra BJP Spokesperson

But we also have some people who responded back to such insensitive behaviour. Here are some Tweets:

Social Media gives us a constructive and open platform where we can connect, share our feelings and interests, with others. So any message here has a greater impact than we expect, as it is open to all. So before posting, we should judge our own thoughts and taste our own words, and business entities should be more cautious before crafting advertising campaigns which might create a negative image of them and can hurt others sentiments.

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