Beauty of having a vision is that it lets you visualize the future long before it happens.

What is your vision? What is it that drives you forward?

Every single person is working for that vision which holds the future he/she visualizes! Be it Passing an exam or fulfilling a dream or getting a job or fighting cancer or finding an identity, it could be anything.

I don’t know what your vision is but I want you to visualize this vision right now, I want you to see the future right now! And I want you to see this future every single day, imagine what you want every single day! Make it crystal clear that this is my future, this is the future I want to live! Make it so clear that every morning when you get up and take the first step, it is the step towards the future you envisioned! You become what your thoughts are, so turn your thoughts into the future you want!

What happened when you were imagining your future, you saw fear, risk, failure ???

All those things aren’t real! You were just visualizing your future, these fears are the product of your imagination and its up to you, that you want to accept fear or faith! Believe in yourself, have faith, there will be times when you want to quit and forget about your vision, you feel you are alone, questions like ‘Why me ?’ come to you but the place you are in right now, it is temporary and it has to end, Do not give up.. Fail forward! You have to believe that one day will be your day but if you quit no day will be your day..‘You, as a person are not failure, failure is state of mind’.

I don’t want you to talk about your trials and mistakes of past, I want you to talk about the next step in your present that you will take for the future you want! I do not want you to look for any evidence around you to go after your vision, the fact that you were able to envision the future is enough proof that something like that is possible so take every step towards it! I want you to live your vision because your vision is the happiness you are looking for , so make changes and find happiness by fulfilling your vision. Because ‘ Where there is no vision, there is no hope’

So, what is your vision?

About The Author

Hi! I believe that the best creative ideas too can often be simple. I am an active Autism Supporter. Writing motivational articles is one of my passions. I strongly believe we can do anything if we really are willing to do.

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