Udta Punjab should be banned!

It talks of unreal issues

Drug abuse? What is that?

We don’t live in pre-historic times.

Punjab is all about agriculture.

Where do drugs fit in this picture?

Udta Punjab should be banned!

It promotes AAP’s propaganda

Anurag Kashyap is an AAP supporter.

Honb’l Modiji doesn’t like it

Something must seriously be wrong.

After all Mr Pahlaj Nihalani

Is also a Modi follower.

Udta Punjab should be banned!

It contains abusive words

Extremely derrogatory,

Against our culture

The Vishwa Hindu Sena shall protest.

No one uses cuss words,

It’ll introduce youth to dirty words

Which do not reverberate through household already.

40% of men in Punjab hooked to drugs

67% households with at least one member an addict

Maqboolpura- a village of widows

Tarntaran- a district with very few males non-addicts

Should Udta Punjab be banned?

Our political parties dismissing the issue?

Would covering it up, end it?

Can the youth of punjab not be rehabilitated?

Is awareness not important?

Let Punjab’s youth come back on track.

Let India’s youth know the downside.

Let awareness be spread.

Let freedom of expression be a reality!

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