The little heartbeat at your feet, ready to shower his love at you. Your home is filled with happiness and love. Little creature wagging his tail, licking you all over, pressing his wet nose against your body, YOUR true friend. After all, home is where your pet is.

1) The wait

“There are no bad days when you come home to your pet’s love” and he’s always there at the door waiting for you.Wait_Pet

2) Cuddling

     There is no better feeling than this. No creature beautiful than this.cuddle_pet

3) The head/nose boop

Ever tried? No? Try it then. The boop with the wet nose or the furry head will make your day.lick_pet

4) Licking

Your pet truly madly loves you if he licks you every now and then. And life is amazing when you have a loving creature next to you.licking_pet

5) Hug

Stressed? Depressed? All you need is a hug from your pet. That feeling of their heart beat against yours, their head on your shoulder, eyes closed, silence seems so beautiful, pain seems so less.hug_pet

6) I’m glad you came

There is no one in this world who can get as happy as your pet when you show up at the door. They smile. They jump. They run. They bark. Their Happiness is all that’s required to light up your evening.glad_pet

7) The sad look

This look in their eyes, I’m dead sure you cannot ignore it. And when you give them the love they seek at this point, it’ll be the cutest thing you’ll ever witness to.sad_pet

8) The peaceful sleep

He chooses your bed over his, not because of the comfort of your bed but the comfort of your embrace all night long.safe_pet

9) The sacrifice they make

No matter how much tired he is, your one command will make him jump to his feet. No such thing can be encountered in a human being.sacrifce_pet

10) Stay fit

You can never fall sick, morning and evening walk with your pet will keep you in shape.fit_pet

Have a pet! Because every once in a while a pet enters your life and changes everything.

About The Author

I’m a happy dreamer. A happy dancer.. A happy books lover.. A happy artist.. Just a happy girl figuring out life by drawing and writing about whatever beautiful that comes my way.

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