Swami Nithyanand was “caught having sex” with actress Ranjitha. It was telecast far and wide. The impact was naturally very negative regarding Hindu saints. I still remember a Sunday morning, I was taking a tutorial of some Hindu volunteers on using Social media and this topic came up.

I tried to explain that Swami Nithyananda comes from so-called “Dalit” background. He is doing yeomen work amongst so called “lower castes” in rural Tamil Nadu – opening temples, schools, health centers… and this is a big hindrance to the Christian missionaries (If you haven’t travelled to rural Tamil Nadu, please do. It will make you happy for the number of cows of Indian breed and sad for the number of churches).

So, like missionaries murdered Swami Laxmanand Saraswati – a saint with tribal background who had put a halt to missionary activities in Kandhmal area (Odisha), they are destroying Swami Nithyanand.

At that time, I was unable to convince young Hindu volunteers – such is the power of electronic media.

//// Now the court judgment says the images were morphed. Channel asked to apologize. ////

And what about the attack on the faith of Hindus ? Well, Hindus in India are worse than second class citizens – they can be trampled upon / mauled / killed / destroyed.

I also recall that in 1999, in Jhabua, Bajrang Dal activists were accused of raping nuns. Star TV and other #paidmedia blasted the news for days. An inquiry by High Court judge found:
a) The accused in FIR were Christians
b) It was a land dispute
c) Nuns were habitual of sexual intercourse and
d) There was no Bajrang Dal branch in Jhabua (at that time).

Star TV ran an apology for all of 5 -10 minutes – like a few weeks after the incident was over.

In the case of rape allegations against Rahul Gandhi, the complainant was fined Rs. 50 lakhs. I hope that many judges have not come from Abhishek Manu Singhvi school of making judges.

An admin of The Nationalist View wrote this post in 2013. Worth a read today.

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