What is right, what is wrong?
What counts as acceptable and what as unacceptable?
Valid questions, haunting young minds
Seeking for a detailed logical definition
sans ambiguity

Parents – the first gurus, the personal encyclopedia
Voice input: question; Output: answer
But then there are awkward topics
Taboo topics, not frequently mentioned
Yet very much valid topics.
Rape, sex, consent, personal space
Are not just words, they have a deeper meaning
A lot attached to them: right and wrong
Morals and consciences, Acceptable and Unacceptable

Parents are the ones who can explain these
Can get the point across
Guide children on to the right path
Counsel them, teach them
Educate them, Make them aware

Knowledge is liberation
When the time is right
When the child is mature
He needs to be liberated
Liberated to make informed decisions
Libearted to accept his faults
Liberated to bear the consequences of his actions

Every action performed, reflects
Reflects upon the personality, values, upbringing
Regardless number of positives may exist
Yet one negative is enough to tarnish

Think before you speak
Deep breath in
Deep breath out
Analyse your future actions and the obvious consequences
Be mature to stand by the choices you make:wrong or right
Do not blame the alcohol, no one forced you
It was your decision
Forcing yourself upon an unconscious Girl

Your reckless behaviour spoiling your image
Is your own fault
Due to your choice

Your reckless behaviour destroying her life
Is your fault
Against HER choice

Yes her choice matters!
Her consent matters!
And “a NO is a NO”
regardless of
context, situation, your thoughts!
or anything at all.

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