The AAP has released a TV advertisement praising Arvind Kejriwal and AAP’s work against corruption.

The lead actress of the ad’s is a middle-class woman, a wife, who describes the wonders of the government and its leaders.

The advertisement is somewhat sexist in nature where the wife has to take care of son, along with household work and the husband is busy watching TV and reading a newspaper.

The plot of the advertisement is based on “How tough her life was before AAP came to power and her life after”. The way she describes the falling rate of electricity bill and the voiceover in the whole ad is too gripping but while peeling off lauki, she talks about the people criticizing Kejriwal and she feels angry about it, is a scary moment. The way her voiceover says that we need to keep “Hamarey Arvind” safe, is another highlight of the TV commercial.

Now that the advertisement is out people have started commenting on the same.

Swaraj Abhiyaan on Friday termed the Delhi government’s latest TV commercials as an example of “political corruption” and “highly regressive”. Prashant Bhushan leader of Swaraj Abhiyaan in a series of tweets said the commercial amounted to a “crass” projection of Kejriwal apart from being “crude abuse” of funds, which was “against” a Supreme Court order. “Apart from being a crass and crude abuse of funds the Kejriwal ad on TV is sexist and projects women as servants of their husbands. Shocking,” Bhushan tweeted.

Decrying “personality culture” as an anti-thesis of democracy, the Supreme Court has barred publication of photos of leaders in government advertisements except those of the President, Prime Minister and the Chief Justice of India.

“The guideline of the order clearly states that any government advertisement should avoid the glorification of political personalities and such glorification of an individual at the cost of public treasury should be stopped in Delhi,” the group said in a statement.

The group, of which Yogendra Yadav is also a member, also attacked the ad for being “misleading” as it came in the backdrop of “6 per cent rise in power tariffs.”

“The heart of the problem, however, is that this TV commercial unashamedly abuses public funds to create a personality culture for Arvind Kejriwal. It sings paeans of the AAP leader and tries to project him as a messiah,” added the statement.

However, if you missed the background music, it is the opening notes of Peter Cetera’s Glory Of Love which was the theme song in “The Karate Kid”.

Here is the TV commercial have a look.

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