So today, I am here to list some really funny yet, interesting facts about Gujju people! Yeah, I am one of them too. So I believe that I am listing some real funny facts.

So here it goes…

1. Too loudLoud

Yeah.. They are so loud that you can make out that a Gujarati person is sitting at the other corner. Their normal conversation makes people think as if someone is fighting. I bet they would never need a mic.

2. Can do “garba” even at Sunburn

GarbaThey can literally do garba even on David Guetta’s songs. No matter what they are wearing, no matter who are seeing them.

3. Speaks weird English


They speak a whole different type of English, which is far different from British or American English. They would pronounce “snacks” as “snakes” or else would add a “ho” after every phrase. For example “Thank you ho bhai.”

4. Always up for discounts and freebies


Gujjus are always up for shopping especially there are some discounts or freebies are found. No matter if it is a pen worth 2 bucks or an Air conditioner for 20K.

5. Khakhra, Mamra, Thepla, or Fafda are their all-time favourites

Thepla, Khakhra

Seriously. You will not find a single Gujju home where any of these are not available. They can enjoy khakhra, mamra, thepla, and fafda all round the clock.

6.Have their own version of almost everything


Gujjus are super-duper creative when it comes to food. They can make every dish the way they like it. From pani-puri to rajma chaval. Everything has a gujju version.

7. Eats a lot of sweets


They have a sweet version of every damn thing they eat. From morning breakfast of Jalebi-Fafda to dal in dinner. Remember that dialogue from the movie “2 States” when Amrita Singh asks the gujju auto wala “Bhaiya, ek baaat bataiye. Aap log meethe me kya khate hai? Apni daal?” Well, it is really true. Gujjus’ dal is sweet.

Well, maybe that is the reason why all the Gujjus are so sweet. 🙂

So this one is for all my Gujju brothers and sisters, and uncles and aunties. Please don’t kill after reading this. 😛

But at the end of the day, no matter what, we gujjus are always proud of ourselves.. Well.. Almost all 😛

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